Customize Your Art

Customize Your Art

Jun 18 - Jun 25, 2021

PARESSER: French, meaning to lounge or laze about. This new mixed media work of Taryn’s is texturally telling a story about pleasure for pleasure’s sake; to relish a moment and slow it down in an effort to capture it.

"My passion for corrugation (ridges, pleats, folds & furrows) and wabi sabi minimalism compel me to create art that tells a story through the contrasts of texture and shape. Using rich sensual mediums like porcelain, oil, linen, silk, balsa and gold leaf, my art aims to bring an elegant state of serenity to your surroundings."
Taryn Brown was born in Oliver, BC where she learned about painting from her grandmother at a young age. She graduated with a $1000 art scholarship and won the honour of having her art selected for the cover of the BCATA magazine. She then studied art history, literature and Hispanic studies and graduated from UVIC. She currently resides on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She has been creating art her entire life, and emerged onto the art scene 15 years ago to exhibit in galleries. Some new works are available at The Greater Victoria Art Gallery (AGGV), Gallery 8 on Salt Spring, and The House in Victoria, BC. She competes in juried shows (and won The Award of Excellence) at the Federation of Canadian Artists on Granville Island in Vancouver. Currently she is preparing for her first online release in March 2021. Taryn has collections across Canada and the U.S., in the UK, Switzerland and Taiwan.

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